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The contract for difference in product value (Contract For Difference, CFD) is a financial tool that allows trading such assets as stocks of the largest companies, gold, and oil, gas and nickel, cocoa and cotton.

The CFD’s specific feature is that there is no actual supply of the contracted tool in case of CFD trading. A trader buys CFD for stocks and then mandatory sell them making a profit by using the price change. It means that in case of CFD trading you simply invest in the hope of price increase or price drop but actually neither buy nor sell stocks.

CFDs provide you with a raft of advantages in case of stock trading. Use market possibilities investing margin deposit in actual stocks.

Start Stock Trading

Trade stocks and contracts for difference in the largest international markets: the USA, Germany, France, etc. Follow these markets quotes online and receive dividends the same way as if you had actual stocks. The DAX100 Company supplies their clients the lowest spread for stock trading. Click here to know detailed information on our service charge.

Identify your Profit and Loss in Advance

Set an automatic limit for trading operations. Use DAX100 platform tools for closing the positions automatically in case of achieving the set price.

Set up a Valid Account Fast and Easy

Setting up an account in the DAX100 Company takes only 2 minutes. You can replenish your account in any convenient way: by use of credit card, cash or bank transfer.

Set up an account today and get to know about deposit bonuses and trading operations.



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