Commodity Trading of Contracts for Difference with the DAX100 Company

Get instant access to the most popular commodities available immediately on our trading platform: gold, oil, silver, and many others. Due to the DAX100 Company, you can trade commodities as well as currency pairs neither purchasing nor selling them physically.

Main Advantages: No Service Fees and Fixed Spreads Available

We guarantee fixed spreads between the purchase price and selling price for our clients. Take advantage of trade without service fee! Click here to know detailed information on our service charge.

Commodity Trading of Contracts for Difference with the Leverage.

Trade in any commodity market offered by us, starting from crude oil and precious metals and finishing with coffee, cotton, and other commodities. The use of leverage when trading contracts for the difference in prices allows you to increase the value of a trading position by means of a margin deposit.

Identify your Order Position in Advance

Use market forecasts to identify a successful position for the purchase or sale of commodities. Make profit from the ups or downs in the market.

Profit and Loss Management

By means of our modern trading tools, you can set predetermined profit or loss limits. Once the goal is reached, your position will be automatically closed.

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We will help you in any matter

The DAX100 Company provides all the clients with full information of shares, indexes, commodities, and forex. We will provide you with detailed operating instructions for each position you are interested in

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