Contracts for the Difference in Currencies

Imagine that you are at the stock exchange in New York – the modern financial Babylon. You are surrounded by huge monitors, on which thousands of numbers, names, dates appear and disappear every second. You observe how the participants of the exchange make a continuous process of buying and selling all kinds of securities – stocks, indexes, commodities and options, futures contracts and government bonds.

Trading operations can have different purposes – from ensuring a stable income in the form of dividends to obtaining immediate speculative gains. However, all exchange players have a single goal – to make a profit.

In order to buy stocks of the General Motors company or sell stocks of the Microsoft, it is not necessary to be in New York or London.

Moreover, you can make stock transactions without leaving home! To do this, the DAX100 Company provides you with a whole group of financial tools, called Contracts for Difference (CFDs) for stocks of the largest US companies.


CFD for Stocks

In the language of financiers, the contract for the price difference is an agreement between the seller and the buyer of the contract to pay the difference between the value of the contract at the time of its purchase and the value at the time of the subsequent sale.

In other words, buying a CFD for 500 stocks of the Walt Disney Corporation at a price of € 35 per 1 stock, and selling it after a while at a price of € 37.80 , the buyer of the contract (i.e. the Company) is obliged to pay you a price difference that will be € 2.8 * 500 = € 1 400.

On the other hand, if the stock price at the moment you complete the transaction is lower than the purchase price, financial obligations to pay the difference will be borne by you.

When dealing with CFD contracts, our Company offers you to use the leverage of 1: 100 – having € 1,500 on the account, you can make transactions with amounts up to € 150,000 € inclusive.

The volume of the minimum contract for difference is only 10 stocks, the maximum volume is not limited!

Become a Stock Trader together with the DAX100 Company

We offer you a large selection of CFD contracts for stocks of the largest US companies, as well as for stock indexes (such stock indexes as S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ are used as the basic assets).


Main Advantages of CFD

  • Low collateral requirements. The required collateral is only 10 % of the actual value of the contract;
  • Globality and universality Making trading operations is available from anywhere in the world, where it is possible to connect to the Internet;
  • Guaranteed execution of orders. Possibility of placing orders of any type at any price movement in the market;
  • Low service fee. The amount of service fees charged for operations varies from 0.05 %;
  • Diversification. Clients of our company get access to a large selection of financial tools for making operations.


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