Make Deals on Exchange Traded Funds together with the DAX100 Company

Discover a new type of trading, taking advantage of a large selection of our Exchange Traded Funds.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are marketable commodities that relate to securities and consist of an assortment or basket of interconnected tools. They are meant for tracking the performance of economy sectors, commodities, debt obligations, currencies, indexes and volatility measures. Exchange Traded Funds make accessible the portfolio of financial tools and additionally act as an object of trading on the stock exchange, in the same way as stocks.

Main Advantages: No Service Fees and Fixed Spreads Available

We guarantee fixed spreads between the purchase price and selling price for our clients. Take advantage of trade without service fee! Click here  to know detailed information on our service charge.

Professional Tools for Trading

Provided market data online, as well as a large selection of graphical, analytical and automated tools, allow you to stay informed and maintain the necessary level of knowledge for trading. All of this you can use on the trading platform of the DAX100 Company.

Large Selection of tools

To increase your trading results, we suggest that you use more than 1,000 financial tools and more than 25 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Setting up an account in the DAX100 Company takes only 2 minutes. You can replenish your account in any convenient way: by use of credit card, cash or bank transfer.


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We will help you in any matter

The DAX100 Company provides all the clients with full information of shares, indexes, commodities, and forex. We will provide you with detailed operating instructions for each position you are interested in

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