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Our customer support service is ready to help you 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. Please send your questions, comments or suggestions regarding trading on DAX100 trading platform by the following e-mail: or fax: + 372 880 10 49. For more information about profile services, see Contract Section.


We undertake to provide the excellent customer service and will do our best to understand your demands and perform your requests. Therefore, your feedback is very important to us.

Clients can send their complaints to the following email: in order to find the relevant solution of the problem. Complaints and other disputable issues can be transmitted only by e-mail.

Opening of Account

How can I open a trading account on DAX100?

Sign up, fill out the form and log in to your personal account. You will receive a welcome message having your username and password.

How much does it cost to open an account in DAX100 Company?

This procedure is free of charge. DAX100 Company Does not charge a registration fee.

Can I open several trading accounts?

No. You can open only one trading account.

How can I earn money here?

You need to carefully invest your funds. Trading on financial markets and Contract For Difference trading has losing funds risk exposure, especially considering that such trading is carried out by means of lending.

Click Risk Notice in order to get to read the full-text warning. The information contained on this website and in documents published on this site has general nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances, financial situation or needs.

You should carefully read our User Agreement and get an independent consultation in order to understand if you fit for trading with such financial products.

How to start trading?

If you have already opened a trading account, submitted personal identification documents to confirm the legality of its opening and made a deposit, then you can start trading.

Can I start trading if I do not have experience?

Yes. Our account manager and analytics department employees of DAX100 provide individual lessons, e-books and other resources for both experienced and newbie traders.

I do not want to fill out the registration form and disclose my personal information. Is it possible?

As a company whose activities are governed by many laws and requirements, and which must follow client access procedure to their services, we have to collect information indicating the trustworthiness of our clients.

We make every possible effort in order to ensure the confidentiality, security, and integrity of your personal data.

What characters can I enter into registration form?

Use only letters and figures for entering. Do not enter any other characters when filling out the form.

Will you close my account if the balance on it is zero?

Accounts with zero balance can be closed upon customer requests only.

Do you provide protection against a negative balance on the account?

Yes. You cannot lose more than you deposit into your account.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Press “Forgot Password” button, and the password will be sent to your email.

How can I change my password?

Press “My profile” button and change the password in login details. Use only letters and figures to create the password.

Can my account manager handle trade instead of me?

We do not offer account manager services. You are the sole owner of the account and the final decisions should be made only by you.

How can I download the platform?

Our easy-to-use web platform does not need to be downloaded. On our website press “Webtrader” button and enter the account number and password.

Do you have an MT4 platform?

Our platform is practically the same as an MT4 platform. Speaking about functionality, our platform has much more advantages comparing to other worldwide trading platforms.

How can I open demo account?

You can open a demo account by yourself: press “Webtrader” button and press the button “Open a demo account” on the pop-up window.

What is the difference between a trading account and a demo account?

Despite the fact that all the features and functions of the real platform are available in demo mode, Users must be aware that simulator cannot recreate real terms of trade on the market.

One of the important differences is that trading volumes realized by means of the simulator are not affecting the market, whereas in real trade the volumes affect the market, especially when position size is big.

How can I recharge my demo account?

You can recharge your demo account by yourself for any amount.

How long can I use a demo account?

Demo account of DAX100 trading platform has a time limit of one month; after expiration, you can open a new demo account.

Legal Issues

Are my funds at risk?

DAX100 Company guarantees the safety of Customer funds and fully complies with the requirements of the EU Directive "On the markets of financial instruments"

Account Verification

Why are you requesting my documents?

As a company whose activities are regulated by the authoritative bodies, we are subject to a number of the laws on money laundering prevention and personal data theft. We undergo verification procedures for compliance with necessary requirements on the side of bodies regulating our activity: Security Exchange Commission and International Financial Services Centre (IFSC).

How can I pass the verification of my account?

You can download the document to my personal account (My profile) or send them via the following e-mail:

What supporting documents should be provided by me?

In accordance with our customers trustworthiness verification procedure, you need to provide a colour copy of valid document confirming your identity, as well as document confirming your place of residence (Contract for energy, gas and water supply services, telephone, Internet and/or cable television, bank statement), where your name and address is indicated. The limitation period of document issuance shall not exceed three months.

Can I create an account by providing different documents confirming identity instead of my passport?

Yes. A valid ID or driver's license is also accepted.

Will I receive an email or other notification confirming the status of my account?

You will automatically receive an email confirming the status of your account as soon as it passes full verification

How can I change my personal data?

If you would like to update your e-mail address, telephone number or place of residence, send a message to together with a relevant document confirming the changes and indicate your account number.


What is the minimum amount for account recharging?

The minimum deposit amount is 1 €. But if you want to receive a bonus, training, and support of our specialists, you need to open an account with a sum starting from 100 €.

Do you charge bonuses on deposits?

Yes, we charge a bonus in the amount of up to 100% on your deposit. To learn more, please contact out specialist via chat or e-mail.

Is there a possibility of losing a larger amount, a larger amount than the one I contributed to account?

No, you cannot lose more than the amount you contributed.

What methods of payment are provided by DAX100?

Credit and debit cards, bank transfer, OrangePay and many other methods can be used. For more information, click here.

Do you charge a fee for funds depositing?

DAX100 does not charge any fees for funds depositing.

The deposit made using my credit/debit card has been denied.

We strongly recommend verifying in your bank whether international or online payments are blocked. Or, perhaps, deposit amount exceeds daily limit of your credit or debit card.

Can I use the funds using my friend's or relative's account?

No. We do not accept payments made from third-party accounts. All deposits must be paid from your personal account.

Trade Information

Please indicate the schedule of trading sessions on your platform

In summer market trade is conducted starting from 21:00 Sunday till 21:00 Friday (GMT). In winter - starting from 22:00 Sunday till 22:00 Friday (GMT).

Why is the platform closed for the weekend?

DAX100 platform is closed on the weekends because all markets are closed to which relevant financial instruments are attached.

How can I start trading?

Pay attention that we do not recommend you to start trading until our specialist will contact you and introduce you to our trading platform. After that just go to “Webtrader” and start trading.

Are there any risks when making trade transactions?

Be aware that trading on financial markets and Contract For Difference trading have funds losing risks, especially considering that such trade is carried out at the expense of lending.

Click Notification of risks to read the full text of warning. Information containing contained on this website and in the documents published is of a general nature and not considered your personal circumstances, financial situation or needs.

Read carefully our User Agreement and have an independent consultation in order to understand whether the trading of such financial products is suitable for you.

What do I need to trade?

You need a computer or mobile device (supporting software for iOS, Android or Windows) with high-speed access to the Internet.

Also you must have funds for trading on your trading account. We strongly recommend you to participate in training with our specialists prior to you conclude your first deal.

What does “Leverage” mean, and what conditions do you offer for conducting trade on credit?

Leverage allows you to open a position of large size using a marginal deposit of small size.

The size of leverage available for traders varies having a multiplicity of up to 1:1000. For instance, a multiplicity of 1:100 means that currency trading for the amount of 100 000 € can be carried out with a margin deposit in the amount of 1 000 € .

Leverage makes it possible to use credit for trading in amounts exceeding your deposit.

Are there any disadvantages in trading using leverage?

Credit allows you to manage large volumes of equity through the usage of deposit of small size, but it may expose you to excessive negative price fluctuation.

Can I change the size of leverage?

Yes. Your leverage size can be changed, but upon the condition that you will comply agree the desired amount of leverage with analytics department.

What does "Item»mean?

Item – is the smallest change unit in price ratio of the financial instrument (in the quotation of a currency pair).

What does «Spread»mean?

Spread – is a difference between Bid price and offer price.

What does «Long» position and «Short» position mean&

The position is long when the customer buys the asset, and short - when the client sells the asset.

How can I calculate the cost of one item?

The amount of the main currency * the number of items = the value of quotation currency. The cost of one item in currency pair EUR/USD = 1 lot (100 000 €)*0.0001 = 10 USD.

The cost of one item in currency pair USD/CHF = 1 lot (100 000 $)*0.0001 = 10 CHF.

The cost of one item in currency pair EUR/JPY = 1 lot (100 000 €)*0.01 = 1 000 JPY.

What does «Slippage»mean?

Price slippage can occur during periods of high market volatility which usually arises from receipt of the important commercial news. As a result, your position is executed at a price different from the one you specified; – it closes at the next affordable price.

How can I limit the risks on the markets subjected to volatility?

The best way to limit risks during the volatility of markets is to have enough proprietary funds on your account to maintain the necessary ratio of own and borrowed funds.

Several preventive measures are recommended:

  • Monitor the status of your open positions.
  • Issue a stop order to limit falling rates risk.
  • Keep more money on your account than it is necessary to maintain required ratio of own and borrowed funds.

What does the "Limit Order" mean?

A limit order is orders for fixing profits by buying or selling a certain amount of financial instrument at a specified price or at the best price.

Where can I find the archive of my transactions?

Enter your trading account, select “Report” item under the schedule, then select “View trading operations”.

What does “Fix the profit” and “Limit the loss” mean?

Stop loss and take profit are orders placed on the market to close an open position.

Stop loss” order is designed for deflection of further unfavourable price movement, and “take profit” order is designed for income from favourable price movement.

How can I set stop loss or take profit?

Go to your account, press “Change” button below the schedule, on the pop-up window select “stop loss” or “take profit”, select order price suitable for you, and set it with “Change” button.

Will I be notified in case of demand about additional margin pay-in?

DAX100 notifies selected customers regarding the necessity of additional margin pay-in. Our margin is controlled in real time meaning that you will be constantly aware of its level.

Requirements regarding additional margin pay-in can cause the closing of your opened position in case if the size of available margin deposit becomes less than required one for certain instrument.

What does «Trend»mean?

The trend is a general direction of market or asset price movement. Trends can vary in their duration and be short-term, medium-term and long-term.

What does "Support Level" and "Resistance Level" mean?

In technical analysis “support” and “resistance” terms is a concept stating that stock market rate movement will tend to stop and adverse movement upon reaching predetermined price level.

What does "Available Balance" mean, and how it differs from your own funds?

Available balance:

1) Means that can be used as initial margin;

2) Own funds minus a used margin. Own funds: deposits - amount deducted from account + bonus + closed transactions with profit or loss + open transactions with profit or loss.

What does "Maintenance margin" mean? How is it used?

In order to keep the new position open, your own funds on the account shall exceed the overall level of maintenance margin.

There are requirements to maintenance margin level for each financial instrument. DAX100 constantly displays the level of maintenance margin for each certain instrument.

Rates and Fees

What is a rate for lack of trading activity?

A fee of 50 € per month will be charged from account users on DAX100 trading platform via which there is no trading.

The account is considered inactive if there were no trading operations conducted within 3 months.

Does DAX100 charge a fee for depositing / withdrawing funds?

DAX100 does not charge a fee for funds depositing and withdrawing. At that bank, and/or agency bank fees, as well as fees of payment processors can be charged. We are in no way be responsible for such commission fees.

Funds Withdrawal

How to make a withdrawal request?

Perform the following actions:

Press “Payments” button, then – “Withdrawal of funds”. Select payment system suitable for you and confirm the action by pressing “Funds withdrawal” button. Indicate the sum and fill out all required fields, press “Send” button and wait for confirmation – “processed” status - in your personal account.

In order to complete your request print out a form containing the data about funds withdrawal, sign it personally and send to the following e-mail or via fax: + 372 880 10 49. After request sending the data will be transmitted to us for processing. You will receive a confirmation about funds withdrawal.

Can I cancel my withdrawal request?

You can cancel your request at any time while the request is marked as "in the process."

Why was my withdrawal rejected?

A request for funds withdraw can be rejected for the following reason or several reasons:

1.Your account has not passed full verification. (Please note that prior to withdrawal your account must be fully verified. A list of the necessary documents can be found here. In exceptional cases, the Company reserves the right to request additional documents). We did not receive a signed withdrawal request form.

2.Withdrawal request form has not been signed by you personally, we’ve received only part of such form or the form contains the date of withdrawal in respect of which the rejection has been made.

3.We could not transfer funds to a bank account / electronic wallet in accordance with details provided, or we received incorrect details. The required volume of trade was not achieved.

Why does the system not allow me to issue a request for funds withdrawal?

If you have open positions, you cannot display all balance available. A certain minimum balance is required as a maintenance margin.

Available balance - Maintenance margin and margin> = 1% = maximum amount for funds withdrawing.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?

Processing of withdrawal request takes up to five business days. There may be delays caused by the fault of third parties involved in funds transfer (e.g., credit card company, bank via which the transfer is performed, or agency bank; the maximum payment period is up to 3 weeks).

What methods of funds withdrawal do you offer?

The funds will be transferred to you in the same way as the account was recharged. If you deposit funds using a credit card, any amount will be also issued by this credit card.

In the same way, if you deposit funds from a bank account, funds withdrawal is also carried out back to your bank account.

Deposits made by means of e-wallets will be returned to the bank account or via QIWI payment system.

How can I withdraw funds if the amount of funds being withdrawn exceeds the amount of funds deposited by me to the account?

Just follow the withdrawal procedure and they will be returned in the same way as the deposit was made.

Where can I get a withdrawal form?

You can receive the form in your account (“Documents” section).

Why was my withdrawal request form not accepted?

Put a signature using ballpoint pen since virtual signatures are not accepted.

Make sure that you sent us the full form, not part of it. We ask you to provide an original and fully completed form with our company logo. 

Make sure that date on your form for funds withdrawal coincides with the date when you perform your request.

Within what time period can I receive my funds?

If refunds are made to a bank account or credit/debit card, usually it takes up to 10 business days.

Funds paid to e-wallet appear on your account at the time you receive approval for funds withdraw.

Account Deactivation 

How can I deactivate my account?

For assistance, please contact our support team.


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