Webinar schedule (МSK time)

04.12.2017 - Course of training webinars.

  • 19.00 - Review of the events of the coming week. Trading online.

05.12.2017 - Course of training webinars.

  • 17.00 - Patterns of Japanese candles.

06.12.2017 - Course of training webinars.

  • 17.00 - How to trade by levels.

07.12.2017 - Course of training webinars.

  • 17.00 - Levels and extensions of Fibonacci.

08.12.2017 - Course of training webinars.

  • 17.00 - Non-Farm Payrolls. Trading online.


About Our Webinars

* The time of the webinars is indicated in MSK.

Deliver your trading skills to perfection thanks to webinars in the DAX100!

We strive to make trade simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience and level of knowledge. For this we have created a course of webinars, through which you can get acquainted with our trading platform, international markets, tools and the most effective trading strategies.

Our webinars are created especially for you: we have combined everything that traders want to see, learn and apply in practice. The program of webinars is extensive: from introduction to trading and familiarization with the platform DAX100 to the study of markets and strategies that can bring a stable profit.

To become a member of the webinar is easy: for webinars we use the ClickMeeting platform, registering on which is as simple as on our platform. During the webinar, you can switch to the trading platform screen; Thus, you can simultaneously receive knowledge and immediately apply them in your transactions. Questions during the webinar are welcome: just enter your question and you will immediately receive an answer to it.

Our interactive online course is a great way to get knowledge about how the trade goes. Through illustrative examples, you will understand how the markets are structured, and you will be able to earn much greater profits. We will tell you about the news, economic reports and resources that should be in the toolbox of each trader. We hope that our advice will help you find the right trading strategy. And to become a successful trader.

Access to our webinars is easy: you can simply follow the link to subscribe to the next webinar. If you can not participate in the next webinar, contact your personal analytical assistant or contact support via chat to subscribe to a suitable webinar.


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