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Basic course of study:

1. Basic concepts of financial markets. Currency market. Commodity market. Stock market.

2. Trading platform (installation, tools and types of graphs, functional).

3. Technical analysis. Part 1 (lines and levels of support and resistance, figures of technical analysis).

4. Technical analysis. Part 2 (levels and extensions of Fibonacci, candlestick analysis).

5. Technical analysis. Part 3 (indicators of technical analysis).

6. Fundamental analysis.

7. Psychology of trade.

8. Practice.

9. Practice.

10. Practice.

Advanced training course:

1. Building your own trading system.

2. Adverse tactics.

3. Wulf's waves.

4. Elliott Waves

5. Correlation analysis, pair trading, spread-trading.

6. Practice.

7. Practice.

8. Practice.

9. Practice.

10. Practice.

The advanced course is a transition to a qualitatively new level of trading. This is a deep understanding of the structure and internal mechanisms that determine the state of the market and the nature of its movement.

After completing the course you will master all the necessary spectrum of market analysis tools and will be able to apply them in the complex. This will improve the quality of each transaction, stabilize the yield curve and prevent its failures in the future.

All theoretical knowledge is fixed by practice - trade on the demo and real account. Each of your transactions will be examined in detail and analyzed with the teacher.

After completing the course you will be able to support and consult the teacher.

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Advantages of trading webinars:

1. The ability to conclude deals online with an experienced trader;

2. Online trading is conducted for both beginners and professional traders who have long been working in the markets;

3. Ability to participate in webinars from a mobile device;

4. During the lesson each student can ask questions and get answers to them.

One of the main elements of understanding the movement of instruments on the market is working on news and events of a global scale. Ability to work on news is very important for both a beginner trader and an experienced investor who strives to improve his skills.

Senior broker-analyst Nicholas Avdeev will share with you the trading practice, which was formed for many years.

Игорь Князев


Nicholas Avdeev began his acquaintance with financial markets in 2003, as a first-year student of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University.

Having independently mastered the training course on trading in the Forex market, he began trading on a real account and was soon invited as a trader-analyst to a pro-firm, where he studied many new strategies for trading. During his time in the company he proved himself to be one of the best traders of the company.

Constantly improving his knowledge and skills in trade, Nicholas worked in many large financial and investment companies and acquired extensive experience in various world-famous trading floors not only in the currency but commodity and raw stock markets.

During this time, he received wide recognition from the financial community for his shrewd approach to trade.

At the moment Nicholas Avdeev is a senior trader-analyst and mentor of DAX100, teaching clients of the company both the basics of trading in financial markets, and his own methods and methods of trading.


Nicholas believes that the most effective way to become a stable earning trader is to know himself, as well as the daily practice with schedules.


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