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In 2017 the popularity of cryptocurrencies has sharply increased that has provoked rapid growth of their course. Maynera, the extracting Bitcoin, became millionaires, and creators of cryptocurrency of Dash have started large-scale media programs on open spaces of television.

In the world of exchange trade, digital money is also one of the assets gaining popularity. Cryptocurrencies have unlimited potential for earnings: profit can be got both on growth, and on decrease in quotations.

Try to trade in main types of cryptocurrencies together with DAX100.


Bitcoin - the first on the volume of capitalization and the digital currency, most popular in the world. Today Bitcoin can be exchanged for national currency or to use as the independent payment tool. Supply and demand on Bitcoin is in constant dynamics that leads to natural fluctuations of quotations. To the trader this fact allows to form big prospects of earnings.



Ethereum - the second for capitalization volume digital currency with function of the conclusion smart contracts. Exactly thanks to this opportunity, to Ethereum genuine interest from the largest finance companies is noted and also from Microsoft, IBM, Acronis, Sberbank. Air course regularly breaks records and is potentially attractive asset for traders who want to earn on the change in price of Ethereum. 


The auction of Litecoin started in July, 2012, cryptocurrency cost then was 10 cents. But, in March, 2013, the price of Litecoin has sharply jumped up to $4, and in November - has reached $48. After the currency has undergone the SegWit updating, the price has reached $100. It is considered to be that the course Litecoin is rather unstable therefore for the trader this tool bears high risk. However, high volatility for the trader - always an excellent opportunity to earn. 


Bitcoin Cash - форк Bitcoin which has taken place on August 1, 2017 against the background of not resolved dispute of communities of mayner of Bitcoin on ways of his scaling. The cryptocurrency has to become more available to the average consumer thanks to acceleration of transactions and decrease in the commission. Increase in his popularity will lead to increase in its cost. It is possible that this year he can already bypass Bitcoin, having become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Thereby, having become rather attractive asset for the trader.



During creation of Ripple 100 billion coins from which developers have distributed a third between users have been produced, and two thirds left on own purses. Therefore Ripple can't be got by means of a mining. More than 37 world organizations work with Ripple, and among investors the Google company appears. Ripple, as well as Bitcoin, has property to rise in price, besides, growth of her popularity, leads to growth of her course. These properties and also a deflyatsionnost of Ripple are attractive to active traders. 



Dash is not a just digital currency, the main line of Dash is carrying out completely anonymous transactions and introduction of cryptocurrency transactions in real life. In the bitkoinovykh the Lamassu submachine guns it is already possible to remove Dash tokens, and automatic machines with Dash N'Drink carbonated drinks accept this cryptocurrency for payment. At the beginning of January, 2017 Dash cost $11,39, in a year the course has risen more than by 40 times - to the level of $500 for unit. The cryptocurrency has high volatility which will be interesting to active traders.

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